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Big coverage, small price

Term life insurance gives you the same amount of coverage as permanent life insurance, for less. It’s ideal for keeping your family well covered in the short term.

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Insure your family when it really matters

Some life decisions come with a hefty price tag, like buying a home. In such cases, term life insurance is often the way to go. Unlike regular mortgage insurance, which goes down in value as you pay off your house, term personal life insurance is always worth the same amount: if you take out $150,000 in coverage, you’ll still have $150,000 in coverage 10 years from now.
You decide how to cover your family and for how long.

If your term ends up being more permanent, that’s fine too.

If your temporary need becomes permanent, for example if you have a child, you can convert your term life insurance to permanent life insurance at any time during your contract. The La Populaire 10 or La Populaire 20 is also available as a rider that can be added to a life insurance policy you already have (for example, our L'Acadienne or L'Hériatge 20products).

Take out insurance while you’re young, for less!

The price of life insurance is lower when you’re young. You’re also more likely to be in good health. By taking out term life insurance, you’ll be locking in your insurability. You can always change it later on if you have a family or acquire major assets like a house or company.

Are you a business owner?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably need short-term coverage for your family to protect them from having to pay off a commercial loan in the event of your death, for example. You may also need coverage for your partners and associates. Term life insurance is a good option in these cases.

Summary of La Populaire term life insurance – 10 or 20 years

  • For people aged 18 to 70 for the Populaire 10, and 18 to 65 for the Populaire 20
  • Temporary insurance
  • Renewable
  • Can be converted into permanent life insurance

*La Populaire is an Acadia Life product. Subject to eligibility criteria and policy terms and provisions.

Acadia Life is a component of UNI Insurance. UNI Insurance is the descriptive trademark of the subsidiaries of Caisse populaire acadienne ltée: AVie, Financial Security Advisors; Acadia General Insurance (general insurance provider); and Acadia Life (personal insurance company).