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What do you need to protect?

I have a house, cottage or condo or rent an apartment

It’s a lot of fun to have a cottage for weekend family getaways: just think of the campfires, BBQing, summer sun and winter snowmobiling. But when you’re at the cottage, do you find yourself worrying about your house, and vice versa?

Good home insurance coverage for your home, apartment, condo or cottage won’t prevent problems from happening, but if something does occur, it’s your assurance that everything will be settled quickly and your finances won’t suffer.

I want to protect my possessions against fire, theft or vandalism

Do you have jewelry or a large book collection? Their loss could be disastrous financially—without even taking into account the sentimental value of these items to you—if you don’t have adequate home insurance in place.

Don’t let fire, theft or vandalism take away your possessions without compensation. Let us help you choose the protection you need.

I want to protect myself in case someone is ever injured at my home

To err is human. An improperly installed stair railing or an unsupervised animal could lead to serious consequences. If someone is injured due to your negligence, however minimal the oversight may be, you could find yourself paying out significant compensation and watching your finances take a bit hit in the process.

All insurance contracts protect you against situations like this, commonly referred to as civil liability. Think about it: this can happen to anyone!

Do you need personalized coverage?

I want to be compensated in the event of a flood

Have you ever found yourself up to your ankles in water? Maybe it was the fault of the washing machine or a faucet. In either case, you probably received financial compensation.

You should know, however, that you’re not covered in the event of sewer backup or rainwater infiltration—in short, anything coming from outside your home. That said, you can request specific coverage against this. Our advisors will ensure you have the protection you want.

I want to be compensated in the event of a flood

I want to protect my belongings against an earthquake

Slight tremors are rarely cause for worry and even create fun stories to tell. But major movement under the earth’s surface could damage your home. Consider this: over the next 10 years, 3 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or higher are likely to cause construction damage in Canada.*

Most insurance policies do not cover damage caused by earthquakes, soil collapse, avalanches or landslides. Our advisors are here to make sure you’re covered.

*Source : Natural Resources Canada

I want to protect my belongings against an earthquake

Have you considered this?

Your home may be protected during your lifetime, but is it covered for your loved ones if you pass away? Avoid passing your home debt on to your family by choosing the right life insurance.
Your house payments are probably high already, and an injury or health problem could cause things to come crashing down quickly. Consider finding out whether you need disability or critical illness insurance.
Protect your vehicle in case of vandalism or an accident with adequate auto insurance.
Your loans with UNI Financial Cooperation can also be protected with credit insurance.

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