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<h2><a href="~/personal/auto-insurance" style="text-decoration: none;">Protecting your vehicle</a></h2>

Protecting your vehicle

We can help you find auto insurance that respects the delicate balance between your monthly budget and the level of protection and quality of service you need in the event of an accident.

<h2><a href="~/personal/home-insurance" style="text-decoration:none">Protecting your home</a></h2>

Protecting your home

Fire, theft, vandalism? Choose the right home insurance based on your property type, your needs and your budget. Our clearly explained options will help ensure you are well protected. 

<h2><a href="~/personal/life-insurance" style="text-decoration:none">Protecting your loved ones</a></h2>

Protecting your loved ones

Choose your life insurance keeping in mind that it can also cover outstanding debts or future expenses. Provide peace of mind to your loved ones at the time of your passing.

<h2><a href="~/personal/disability-critical-illness-insurance" style="text-decoration:none">Protecting your savings in the event of lost income due to health problems</a></h2>

Protecting your savings in the event of lost income due to health problems

Health problems, critical illness or a disability? Don't add lost income to your stress during difficult time; get critical illness and disability insurance.

UNI Insurance for local communities

UNI Financial Cooperation is a New Brunswick institution that returns its profits to its members. Essentially, UNI enriches communities by helping local families and businesses protect their assets and by offering donations and sponsorships. UNI Insurance is a component of this institution.

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Insurance products are often complex. We inevitably have to use 20-page contracts from time to time—but our advisors are here to interpret any perplexing legal terms and tell it like it really is, with transparency, to avoid surprises and help you make the right choices.

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