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Would you like to protect yourself or your belongings?

The first step in determining your insurance needs is to identify what you want to protect.

What aspects would you like to protect for yourself and your loved ones?

Insurance is there to protect various facets of your and your family's lives. Which is the most important to you?

Which assets do you need to protect?

Choose what you would like to protect for your vehicles and housing.

I want to cover my housing costs


To cover your housing costs, three types of protection are available: life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather a combination of coverage options which, together, allow you to pay off your mortgage upon your death as well as cover your housing costs if you encounter health problems. Our advisors will help ensure that you and your family are secure.

I want to cover my medical fees

Some medications or treatments are not covered by your Medicare plan following an injury or critical illness, including physiotherapy, medications linked to chemotherapy and even dental fees. Disability and critical illness insurance are ideal complements to your existing coverage. With your advisor's help, you can strategically combine the two and get reimbursed for the often costly treatments and medications essential for your recovery.

I want to cover my debts

To continue paying off your debts in the event of health problems or death, three coverage options exist: life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance. Our advisors will review the debts that you or your loved ones will have to pay in the event of death, illness or disability (housing, auto, studies, travel, etc.) and propose various insurance solutions for covering your debts.

I want to cover my funeral costs

Life insurance is what you need to support your family upon your death, when the times comes to make the necessary arrangements. This allows them to take the time they need to grieve without adding any financial stress. Our advisors will help you determine the amount you wish to leave to your loved ones within the reality of your budget.

I want to cover costs in the event of critical illness or injury

Disability and critical illness insurance are solutions available to you. For a critical illness like cancer, insurance enables a lump payment to help you cover all the costs that a person never thinks about, such as supporting a sick spouse (time off from work, hotels, travel) or child (splurging on extras such as home care). This protection can even cover the cost of home renovations in the event of a major permanent injury. Our advisors will help you put a solid protection plan in place.

I want to cover family income in the event of death

A life insurance policy helps cover the loss of the deceased spouse’s income and financially protect your family and lifestyle. Check with our advisors to see how much your loved ones would need to maintain their quality of life if you were no longer there.

I want to cover my car or recreational vehicle against damage or theft

Insurance against damage or theft to a personal vehicle is called 'two-sided coverage.' This option is available for your everyday car as well as for other vehicles such as RVs, snowmobiles or ATVs. Though optional, our advisors strongly recommend this coverage to avoid paying thousands of dollars in repair costs (collision, damage, vandalism) or even having to cover the cost of a new car in the event of theft. They will help you choose the option and auto insurance deductible appropriate to your needs and your budget.

I want to cover damage or injury caused to others by my car or recreational vehicle

In auto insurance, civil liability coverage (against damage or injury to others) is a must. For example, this option would cover you if someone broke their arm in a collision with your vehicle or if their own vehicle were damaged. Our advisors will analyze your needs and help you identify suitable options and amounts for you and your auto insurance. We’re here to help you balance your coverage needs against your budget, whether for your car or a recreational vehicle such as a snowmobile or ATV.

I want to cover my boat against damage or theft

All watercraft must have appropriate coverage, whether a fishing boat, pleasure craft, personal watercraft, sailboat or other. Marine insurance within auto insurance is there for this purpose. Our advisors talk with you about how you use your watercraft as well as the make, model, category, value and any other necessary characteristics to help you get appropriate protection in place so you can navigate the waters with total peace of mind.

I want to cover my home or cottage against damage or theft

Fire, theft and vandalism are risks against which you can be protected with adequate home insurance coverage. Our advisors will evaluate the value of your assets and determine the amount you need for adequate coverage should your belongings be damaged or lost. They will also take into consideration your address, the type of home (primary or secondary residence, such as a cottage), the year of construction and other relevant details so you can enjoy complete protection.

I want to cover damage caused to others at my home or cottage

If someone is bit by your dog or falls off of your porch due to an improperly installed railing, you’re responsible for providing compensation. The same applies if a fire at your house affects your neighbour’s home. To protect yourself, our advisors will add the options you need in terms of civil liability to your home insurance contract based on your needs and type of home (detached, semi-detached, condo, cottage, etc.).


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