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Your disability and critical illness insurance needs

Make sure that you and your family can maintain your current lifestyle if you're injured or become critically ill.


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What do you need to protect?

I want to cover my housing costs

Mortgage or rent: both are expensive, with housing representing about 30% of most people’s income. This means that an injury or illness affecting your income would be disastrous in terms of keeping up with housing payments. In the event of a serious injury, you could even find yourself renovating and reorganizing your home to make it more accessible.

You can avoid this financial burden. We’re here to help you choose the insurance you need to cover your housing costs.

I want to cover my medical costs

The emotional, physical and financial impact of a critical illness such as cancer can be very challenging. In addition to contending with treatments and appointments, some medications can cost a fortune, not to mention that you may have to wait several weeks between your initial diagnosis and the first treatment. Such a situation is almost unbearable.

We understand the stress you feel in such a moment of crisis. With our help, you will be reimbursed for expenses not covered by your provincial insurance plan. You can even start treatments sooner if you wish, with the specialist of your choice and in the country that offers the most effective treatments with the greatest chance for recovery. Good critical illness insurance also covers the cost of home care, support that can prove invaluable in a situation like this.

I want to maintain my lifestyle

Imagine being sick or injured and losing a big chunk of your income all at once. You would likely need help to continuing making debt payments, covering the cost of your children's studies or simply maintaining your and your family’s quality of life.

Critical illness and disability insurance offers you a way to keep your head above water during hard times. Let us guide you in choosing the right coverage.

I also want to protect my children in case of critical illness

What about a child affected by a critical illness? Nothing is more stressful, especially when we feel we don’t have access to the best medical care. With insurance, a lump sum payment is provided after the prescribed survival period following the diagnosis of a covered illness. This amount could help you obtain the best care from the finest specialists offering faster response time... And why not? The best gift is the smile on your child’s face.

Contact us to discuss your insurance needs in complete confidentiality.

Do you need personalized coverage?

Specific illnesses worry me

Are you concerned specifically about the risk of cancer or heart attack? You can choose protection that corresponds to your needs, for example, by choosing to cover fewer illnesses, but the ones that count the most for you.

Speak to one of our advisors to learn about covered illnesses.

Specific illnesses worry me

I would need a high level of coverage

Insurance that provides reassurance through peace of mind in the event of injury or critical illness? It does exist, and it can take charge of your existing or future debts. What if the worst happened? We’re here to guide you in evaluating your needs and those of your family.

Your advisor will help you find the perfect balance between cost and benefits.

I would need a high level of coverage

Have you considered this?

A critical illness or injury would disrupt your finances, but a damaged vehicle would, too. Make sure you're adequately protected with our auto & vehicle insurance.
Are you protected against health issues? Think about protecting your family in the event of your death with adequate life insurance.
Theft or vandalism can be costly. Protect your belongings, and even your pets, with good home insurance.
If you have loans with UNI Financial Cooperation, you can protect them as well. Choose strong protection in the form of credit insurance.

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