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Protecting your loved ones with life insurance

Life insurance is there for your loved ones. Let us help you find the best coverage for your situation.

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What do you need to protect?

I have debt such as a mortgage or car payments

Life insurance is important, and even more so when our passing puts our loved ones’ finances in peril. When you purchase a home or car, you commit to monthly payments for a certain number of years. Should you die, these payments become your family’s responsibility. Your debts don’t just go away; your loved ones must repay them. If they cannot afford to do so, they must sell your belongings. Most of the time, your life partner is the one who inherits this financial burden.

Life insurance helps to avoid placing additional financial stress on your loved ones by paying off your mortgage, car loan or other debts in full after your death.

Two salaries are necessary to meet my family's needs

With a family, it can be difficult to make ends meet. Besides recurring bills like electricity, internet, cable and rent, there are also one-time expenses like replacing the fridge or finishing renovations—not to mention expenditures that simply improve your family’s quality of life, such as piano lessons or camping weekends.

What would happen if your income was no longer coming in? Act now to protect your loved ones later.

I want to avoid expenses for my loved ones after my death

Upon your death, members of your family will need time to grieve and take care of your property and other assets. They will no doubt have to take time off work to recover from your loss and put your affairs in order. Receiving the bill for the funeral arrangements is bound to cause only further stress.

With adequate coverage in place, you’ll make it easier for them to move forward without worrying about their finances or their health.

Do you need personalized coverage?

I have a very tight budget

Your daily expenses (car, home, leisure, etc.) are most likely already enough of a burden. You may worry that adding the cost of life insurance could disrupt your financial balance. However, the peace of mind that comes from being well protected should be accessible to all.

Some insurance products offer the option to pay less at the beginning and more at the end of the contract, enabling you to have good coverage in place even on a limited budget.

I have a very tight budget

I have a medical history in my family

Some people are told that they are hard or impossible to insure. Excess weight or a medical history of cancer or stroke are some of the factors that could block your access to certain coverage.

However, there are insurance options available that don’t require medical tests and offer the same protection and peace of mind for you and your family.

I have a medical history in my family


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