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Take to the roads, trails and waterways with peace of mind. Consult our advisors for guidance in choosing the best insurance solution for you.

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What do you need to protect?

I have a snowmobile, boat, camper or other recreational vehicle

You’ve saved, shopped around carefully and finally purchased the snowmobile, boat, motorcycle or camper of your dreams. Congratulations! Now, before taking to the roads or waterways, you need to think about protection against unforeseen circumstances. What if you run your boat up onto a rock? Or accidentally injure someone with your motorcycle?

Many people believe that Service New Brunswick covers bodily damage caused by off-road vehicles, but that is not the case. Make sure you are well protected!

I want protection against damage or injury to others

A car accident or similar incident is a difficult situation for you and any other parties involved. In many cases, damage caused by accidents isn’t covered by traditional auto insurance. However, there’s no need to subject yourself to unnecessary additional stress.

Insurance can cover damage of this nature, whether the accident happens in New Brunswick or another province.

I want protection against collision, theft, vandalism and broken glass

It’s distressing to return to your vehicle after an evening out only to discover that it’s been damaged. And the idea of having to pay for an act of vandalism is even more annoying.

Good auto insurance protects you by reimbursing all or part of the cost, depending on your deductible. This means you can get the damage repaired promptly without worrying about your finances.

Do you need personalized coverage?

I want to be protected when driving a vehicle that doesn’t belong to me

Perhaps you drive your spouse’s car or sometimes rent a vehicle for work or leisure. Or perhaps your employer loans you a vehicle within the context of your work.

In the event of an accident or damage, you may be covered by your insurance. Request this option.

I want to be protected when driving a vehicle that doesn’t belong to me

I want to rent a replacement vehicle

Imagine that you’re travelling and your vehicle becomes damaged to the point that it can’t be driven. Your only option is to hurry to a car rental centre, another stressful experience. On top of everything else, you have to pay for the rental yourself.

There are contract riders that cover car rental fees in situations like this, so you can continue enjoying your vacation without worrying about your finances.

I want to rent a replacement vehicle

Have you considered this?

Are you still making payments on your vehicle? If you die, who will have to finish paying it off? Protect your loved ones from financial burden by thinking about life insurance now.
Injuries happen without warning. Would you be able to continue making your car payments if you had only 70% of your income due to disability or critical illness? Make sure you're well protected.
You also need to think about protecting your home against damage or vandalism with appropriate home insurance.
Do you have loans with UNI Financial Cooperation? Sign up for credit insurance protection.

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