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For life, without the lifetime payments

With this life insurance, you pay  premiums for a period of 20 years only, all while enjoying the benefit of lifetime coverage.

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Life insurance for your family in the event of your death

As with other life insurance policies, L’Héritage* provides an amount for your beneficiaries in the event of your death. It’s coverage for them, more than for you: you want them to be financially secure once you’re gone. You also want them to have money to pay your funeral expenses and even take some time to deal with the loss. Life insurance lets you help the people you love, even after you’re gone.

The difference with a L’Héritage life insurance policy is that you pay for a shorter amount of time over your lifetime, but get the same amount.

Term payments

Some insurance products have to be paid for the rest of your life, while others only have to be paid for a certain amount of time. Normally the choice depends on your income and lifestyle: do you want to pay more money for a shorter period of time or less money for a longer period of time?

We have a few different products that let you pay less your whole life, including our L’Acadienne insurance policy. If you want to pay more and be done with it in a few years, we have one policy: L’Héritage. When you meet with one of our advisors, they’ll go over all the details to help you make an informed decision.  Your life = your choice!

Payments that mirror your income

People usually work more and earn more when they’re younger. L’Héritage permanent life insurance lets you pay while you’re in your top earning years. After that, you’ll have permanent life insurance to protect your family in the event of your death, without the payments! Everything will already be taken care of.

The payments for a L’Héritage policy are spread out over 20 years, but the coverage continues until death.

You can even buy back your insurance once you’ve finished making your payments

When the 20-year payment period is up, you can keep your coverage for free. But you can also cancel your policy and receive a payout instead. That amount is called the “cash surrender value.”

Two things affect the cash surrender value of your policy:

  • Your age when you first take out the policy
  • The number of years that have gone by since

Our advisors will let you know in due time how much you could receive if you decide to buy back your insurance policy.

Summary of L’Héritage permanent life insurance

  • For people under the age of 71
  • Limited payments, 20-year payment period
  • Can be bought back after the premiums are all paid

*L'Héritage 20 is an Acadia Life product. Subject to eligibility criteria and policy terms and provisions.

Acadia Life is a component of UNI Insurance. UNI Insurance is the descriptive trademark of the subsidiaries of Caisse populaire acadienne ltée: AVie, Financial Security Advisors; Acadia General Insurance (general insurance provider); and Acadia Life (personal insurance company).