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Straightforward and dependable

Straightforward insurance that protects the ones you love in the event of your death. The premium you pay always stays the same and so does the amount received.

Uncomplicated coverage

Some insurance products have premiums that are only paid over a few years, while others pay out a different amount depending on the subscriber’s age. But there’s also L’Acadienne,* which is more straightforward. You always pay the same premium every month or year, and the amount paid in the event of your death is the one you selected when you took out your policy. That’s it! 
Straightforward coverage for people who like to keep things simple. 

Add what you need to your policy

Like most life insurance contracts, you can add optional coverage in the form of a “rider”:

  • Premium relief for your insurance premium if you lose the ability to work due to illness or injury
  • An additional amount paid out if you die in an accident, for example while driving
  • An amount paid out if you lose your sight or a limb

Of course, you’ll want to discuss these options with your advisor to make sure you get the coverage you need. There are other policies as well and the ones you’ve just read about are subject to a few exclusions that your advisor will explain to you.

Summary of L’Acadienne permanent life insurance

  • For people under the age of 76
  • Permanent
  • Insurance coverage stays the same for the duration of the policy
  • Premium stays the same for the duration of the policy

*L'Acadienne is an Acadia Life product. Subject to eligibility criteria and policy terms and provisions.

Acadia Life is a component of UNI Insurance. UNI Insurance is the descriptive trademark of the subsidiaries of Caisse populaire acadienne ltée: AVie, Financial Security Advisors; Acadia General Insurance (general insurance provider); and Acadia Life (personal insurance company).