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What is your next business goal?

Your next business goal will assist us in identifying the coverage you need to launch and grow your business.

What challenges would you like to overcome?

Building or consolidating your network of associates, partners, clients and employees brings its share of challenges. Which one do you want to address first?

Which challenge do you want to overcome?

The challenges are endless when it comes to expending your service offering and growing your business. Where do you want to start?

Attract and retain shareholders or partners

As a shareholder, knowing you’re protected in case another partner leaves is important. Consider extending key personnel and partners insurance to all shareholders to cover buyout costs if a partner falls ill, becomes disabled or is deceased.

Loan and credit insurance ensures that your company stays financial stable, even in the event of temporary financial issues caused, for example, by non-payment by a major client or the permanent absence of another partner. This insurance applies to mortgage loans, personal loans and lines of credit. Speak to one of our advisors who will review all available options.

Hire, train and retain key employees and directors

If you feel that certain highly valued employees have become critical to the continuity of your operations, consider protecting their positions. Their absence could be costly in terms of recruitment and training and compromise your business. Who knows? You could even have to suspend operations.

Insurance for key personnel and partners gives you access to funds to invest in the continuity of your business operations. Speak to one of our advisors about the factors you should take into consideration to build the coverage portfolio you need.

Offer optimal work conditions and expand my workforce

Tight labour markets are an ongoing reality, and in order to build your business you need prompt access to skilled employees. Sound employee and key personnel insurance and savings plans are good hiring incentives that help you stand out from your competitors.

Offering security and better work conditions to your employees makes it easier to both recruit and, more importantly, retain personnel. Meet with your advisor, who can help you build the best group plan for your business and your employees’ needs.

Secure my operations to acquire major contracts and clients

Obtaining more major contracts and clients comes with increased risks as you find yourself incorporating new processes, rules and documents. Your employees, even the most experienced, can also make mistakes. Employee error and omissions insurance provides financial protection against legal proceedings arising from an error on the part of one of your employees.

Larger contracts can also mean hiring more workers. But if your new client then delays payment, how will you pay your new employees in addition to making your other monthly payments? Loan and credit insurance covers all or a portion of your monthly payments. Contact our advisors to discuss the coverage and options you need for effective protection.

Add offices and acquire new commercial buildings

When the time comes to grow your infrastructure or purchase new commercial buildings, ensure you are well protected: if your buildings are subjected to fire, damage or vandalism, you will have to pay. With general insurance, an amount will be paid to you to assist with rebuilding or repairs. And what about the loan on the affected building? Loan & credit insurance covers it all.

Our advisors are here to help you review every detail, keeping in mind that many factors, such as building location and usage, can influence your coverage and costs. They can assist you in adapting your plan to cover your risks while respecting your budget.

Increase my inventory and purchase new equipment

The goal of purchasing new equipment is to produce more and better in order to make your investment profitable. But what if your new equipment were damaged, destroyed or even stolen? The financial impact would be hard to absorb.

Let us guide you in choosing a general insurance solution that will protect your equipment, furniture and inventory—in short, all your assets. Consult our advisors to ensure you have the coverage you need. They can even propose warranty options to suit your needs, such as protection for your sensitive business data.

Expand my vehicle fleet or purchase a fishing boat

Perhaps you would like to add delivery services to your business or simply increase production by acquiring new trucks or boats. Whatever your situation, your investments should be protected with appropriate general insurance coverage. This provides access to funds to help cover the cost of repair or replacement in the event of damage or theft. What if your new vehicles were written off completely? Cover the entire purchase cost with loan & credit insurance.

Warranties vary based on vehicle type and use. Some options are necessary while others are not. Consult our advisors concerning the commercial vehicles you plan to buy; they will help you build your plan and consider all factors.

Plan new product launches

When you launch new products, you’re also launching yourself into the unknown. No matter how many tests you conduct, risks remain: your product could injure someone or be the cause of a massive recall. Would you be able to bear the cost? And what about the new product just added to your inventory—is it protected against disaster?

Considering civil liability insurance for your employees and general insurance coverage now will protect you later in case your product causes physical or mental injury to others or if it is damaged, broken or stolen. Speak to one of our advisors, who will guide you in finding the right combination of coverage for your needs.

Plan new market development

Entering new markets means confronting unfamiliar new regulations and standards. Have you thought of the possibility that one of your employees could make an error or overlook an important detail? For example, they could inadvertently fail to include a provision in a contract or could submit forecasts that negatively influence partner investments.

Arrange for coverage of the consequences of this type of error or omission by your employees. Speak to our advisors, who will help you confirm the protection you need to secure your goals in new market development. Employee errors and omissions insurance is part of this equation, but there are many other factors as well.


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