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Your company deserves the very best. Consult our expert advisors to ensure that all your assets and buildings are protected.

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What do you need to protect?

I own a commercial vehicle or fishing boat

Your delivery trucks, service vehicles, fishing vessels or other commercial vehicles are essential to the success of your business. When damage prevent you from using them, repairs can be costly and even compromise your activities.

Make sure you are protected against damage to your vehicle and injury to third parties. For additional protection, our advisors will help determine which benefits are essential for you, for example, reimbursement of the cost of replacing your vehicle temporarily while awaiting repairs. Plan with us to ensure your business is not disrupted!

I own commercial buildings

Your commercial buildings represent an enormous investment, and we are here to help you protect them. Fire, explosion, impact, criminal acts and weather hazards are all risks against which your property needs to be covered. 

The majority of standard insurance contracts exclude a number of options, such as collapse due to the weight of snow or flooding. Our advisors will help you adapt your contract to meet your needs.

I have assets to protect

Your inventory is your money. Make sure you are protected if it goes up in smoke or is stolen. Insurance can also cover your furniture, equipment, inventory and machinery in the event of fire, theft or criminal acts.

Every contract is unique depending on the type of business and the assets requiring protection. Our experienced advisors tailor your coverage to your specific industry. They've seen it all!

Do you need personalized coverage?

I want to protect my company's sensitive data

Your data is as important as your physical inventory. If it falls into the wrong hands or is corrupted, you could lose tens of thousands of dollars in data recovery, lost files or harm to your reputation and that of your clients.

Your data is precious. We can help protect against the financial impact of damage through optional data protection coverage. Speak to your advisor.

I want to protect my company's sensitive data

Have you considered this?

The death, illness or injury of your officers, directors or employees could be costly. Consider insuring your key team members and employees to protect the viability of your business.
You've already insured your infrastructures and vehicles, but what about the loans you took out to purchase them? Loan & credit insurance protects you in the event of non-payment or major disaster.
Insurance is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of entrepreneurial management. Check out all our solutions tailored to your entrepreneurial needs.

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